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Wooden Floors

Wood floors such as parquet flooring and other high quality blocks and boards are able to take a lot of weight over long periods. If floors receive the proper treatment when first fit or at least before damage occurs, they will give years of trouble free use. Understanding the needs floor is critical and ensures the proper treatment. Finishing a floor with the wrong protective cover can result in costly maintenance as the surface becomes dependent on repeat sanding and finishing processes. While most floors, especially parquet, are undamaged by taking them back to bare wood many times, limiting the process can save a lot of time and money.

High Traffic Durable Floor Protection

The best wood floor covering for heavy use is polyurethane lacquer that is extremely durable and produces a high gloss finish when polished. This is the most recommended treatment for anyone treating a floor in a commercial premises but is also useful for floors that have very high footfall such as a hallway. The lacquer prevents wear and damage to the floor that lasts for a long time when the correct number coats or layers are applied. How many may depend on the expected use, but as a rough guide, you should always go for a minimum of three coats.

Curing the Finish and Polishing

Most lacquers take a few days of reasonably warm or room temperature air to cure completely and then they are ready for polishing. The floor polishing process can be a little more complicated for a lacquered floor when you are giving the floor its first polish. You should never try to polish a polyurethane lacquer until you are sure it has cured. There will be the odd imperfection to sand out before polishing starts. Do this with some sheets of wet and dry sandpaper. The surface needs to be very clean before polishing, but you can use any polish you prefer when ready. The lacquer supplier will tell you what they think is best for the particular product you choose.

Lighter Use Floor Finish

A mix of polyurethane and acrylic is a good solution for surfaces that are less prone to impact-damage and wear, but still require a striking finish. This is more suited to people who do not wish their floor to discolour in any way. The purely polyurethane lacquer sometimes affects the wood boards or parquet blocks, changing their colour slightly. This varnishing is perfect for home use because it is easy to apply and maintain and although not as durable as the polyurethane lacquer, this varnishing is very tough when compared to other types of domestic finishes.

The Professional Option

The process of finishing your floor to get the mirror effect is not complicated if it is done properly, but until you have done it once there are many mistakes you can make along the way. If you are not confident, use a professional service and if you want to save money next time, talk to them and watch what they are doing when they polish your floor.

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