Changing a Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan that is looking a little worse for wear, is tired in its design, then why not change it for a new one. Changing a ceiling fan has to be one of the easiest DIY projects around and should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to buy yourself a new ceiling fan.  There are many different styles and sizes available so it’s simply a case of choosing the style you like.  One thing that you should do is make sure you buy one that is right for the size of room you have.  Obviously the bigger the room, the larger the fan should be.  Measure your room and take your measurements to your local store and ask them for advice on the size of fan you should buy.

Step 2

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and fitting and once you have assembled your fan you are ready to go.  The first thing you need to do now is to go and turn your power off.  Leave a ‘Post It’ note on the mains box warning others in the household that you are working on the electrics.  After you turn the power off just check to make sure – you can do this by turning on the lights or switching on your kettle – if it doesn’t work you know that the power is indeed off and it’s safe to work.

Quick Tip: When assembling your new ceiling fan DO NOT attach the blades.  You can leave these until the new fan is fitted and will make the job easier as the blades won’t get in your way and the unit will be lighter to handle.

Step 3

Take a good pair of sturdy step ladders and disassemble your old ceiling fan.  Start by removing the blades.  Once this is done you can unscrew the fixture from the ceiling.  Remember to hold the base of the ceiling fan as you unscrew it as you do not want the unit to simply drop as this can pull and damage the existing wiring.

Now that the ceiling fan is unscrewed from the ceiling you can gently pull it away to expose and disconnect the wiring.

Quick Tip:  Mark the wires with some electrical tape so that you know which wires fitted in which slots – Earth / Neutral / Live.

Step 4


Take your new ceiling fan unit and connect the wires to the appropriate connectors – full instructions will be included in the manufacturers manual for the ceiling fan you purchased.  One the wiring is in place you can screw the unit to the ceiling.  It is a good idea, once this is done to turn on the power and check that the ceiling fan rotates.  If it does then all is well and you can turn the power off and fit the blades.

If the ceiling fan does not work, turn the power off and then check the wiring.  Repeat this until the unit is working.

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