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Home Heating Off the Grid

For most in Britain, heating the home isn’t a big issue. This is because approximately 83% of all homes are heated by a gas central heating system, according to Consumer Focus.

Not only is this the cheapest form of heating, but as it is also the most common, making it the most accessible and convenient.

However, at least 4 million homes in Britain don’t have this luxury and rely on mains gas alternatives. According to the Office of Fair Trading, 15% of UK households are considered ‘off grid’ meaning no access to mains gas whatsoever.

With this in mind, many consumers have no choice but to seek out alternatives, often at a higher cost. In fact, many of this demographic are living in fuel poverty, with over half of LPG users fuel poor. Essentially this means they are unable to afford adequate warmth taking into account the income.

LPG – or Liquid Petroleum Gas – is essentially a commercial propane or butane. These systems don’t work all that different than a gas central heating system: an LPG-fired boiler heats up water, to be circulated through radiators and hot water taps in the home. The main difference is that an LPG boiler would normally be housed externally or sometimes, underground.

Over 170,000 homes use LPG as their main gas source meaning that at least 85,000 homes cannot afford to heat their homes adequately. Luckily, like with any fuel source, you can often get a better deal by switching supplier, but, as LPG is already a second choice for most, the options are again limited.

Despite this, it is estimated that there will be more lpg heating systems in use over the next few years.

As sustainable energy sources become more popular and more affordable, homeowners are exploring new ways to combine different ways to heat their homes. In fact, LPG systems are said to work ideally alongside new heating technologies such as air source heat pumps and programmable thermostats, meaning there are ways to lessen the amount of LPG used, reducing costs.

Although not a first choice for some, LPG heating is actually a very efficient warming method and usually gives a good return on every unit of energy. The main problem appears to be pricing, but this is why it pays to shop around.

Most LPG systems in place are typically in rural areas, due to ‘off-grid’ areas being further away from the cities. This usually eradicates any issues with space and the boiler tank.

The best option for LPG is going with a package. Often these will include paid-for VAT on fuel deliveries, automatic refilling services and free emergency breakdown cover – something not offered with more conventional heating systems.

If you are considered ‘off-grid’ an LPG heating system could be the perfect alternative with the right payment plan.

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